It is still Sunday. Though it is already night and soon enough this day gonna pass, I can only say it is still Easter Sunday. :-) What have you done lately folks? For sure, foods were served. Bonding with family and friends are one point in celebrating this special Sunday as we are commemorating Christ Jesus' rise. Yes, Jesus has risen! Hooray! And so I just want to say Happy Easter to everyone! As to my end, I had a long night, sleepless night again. So I have to get my energy back by sleeping at day time and I have no regret about it though, I can only wish I did some food preparations and church visit. My plan was just going to one of the great restaurants in downtown. It is totally something but in the afternoon, my daughter who wears her lucky lamb outfit and I dressed-up went downtown and saw the beauty of our city. Okay, the place is just 10-15 minutes away from our house. And my friend buddy has a duty for this day. I end up going with my daughter. My daughter got a lot of compliments on her outfit (both offline and online friends and family circles especially in Facebook to which I posted the pictures first), thanks to infant costumes that I stumbled upon. It got me in the right place. The catch was they also accepting review of any costume I choose. It is like, "okay, I am lucky this day" since I won't be able to shed any cents out of my pocket since they also shoulder the shipping! To me I am thinking I won't give any review if I don't like, I will just then return the product if something won't click on my end. But this is it! You bet, I like it! Nope, I love it! I thought at first the color is dark pink but I decided to give it a try since I like the style. And voila! The pink color isn't harsh at all (when I saw it in actual), it actually great for any skin color (I could just think). You know I am very much picky in colors. I make sure it fits to the skin color and such especially for my precious little one. She is an apple of my eye and I give everything I have for her. Now, there's an outlet for me to get her more Anytime Costumes (not only for her but for me and her dad too, there are costumes for everyone) as I have to give my best that she's on her outfit whatever the occasion is. I believe a child should have every best thing to rekindle when they're already on their own. You know, when they can already understand and already on their own mind. I am a proud mom more when she's already big enough to appreciate life and events happened when she was still a little one. Isn't it great memories to think of? If not, then I don't know what you're thinking! Now is the time to show-off my beloved one and only precious daughter on her "Lucky Lamb" outfit through my mobile camera. (*click image/s to enlarge*)
Above is the Lucky Lamb in the House setting on her walker.

 She was worried because she was given a fish instead of grasses.
The Lucky Lamb in the House is thinking she gotta find ideas on how to get her food rather than frowning, so instead, she's smiling (though momma wasn't able to capture her sweet smiles fronting *see pix below)!

The fat cheeks lucky lamb and momma went shopping to buy her milk, foods, ice cream and chocolates! Oh, her grasses (as she is a lamb on her outfit)? Ha! :-)

Happy Easter everyone! Smile. :-)