My baby love Sam was being mixed on her milk when she was in the hospital. That was one and a half month. She drank my breast-milk. I pumped out hard so she can have my breast-milk. Breast-milk is best for  babies so I made sure she got it. When she was home, I formula-feed her. Yes, all formula. Why? I have a lot of reasons (I give out my important decision after weighing both sides) and the latter won. No regrets. She wasn't been sick because I formula-feed her all.

Anyway, formula or breast-milk mix, she eats not a lot. Just enough and her doctor is okay with it. That's the important word I got and nothing else. As long as she is not sickly and all because of formula-all, that's all that matters. She is not fat infant which I want her to be, but since want is just a second of "like", and you now found the answer. :-)

She drinks not quite a lot and it's fine (not just from my thought but also from her doctor's thought). I give more of strength than standard babies who likes drinking their milk, but am fine. It's just that it's just the way it is. And I like when they said "you did a great job!" . :-) Who wouldn't  like that!? Don't you? Smile. :-)