As concerning pregnancy, below is my first ultrasound (you can enlarge image by clicking it, then zoom in/zoom+). I was there with my husband and he was called during few explanations of the doctor about pregnancy and ultrasound then gave me a prescription about my next prenatal vitamins and Iron pills to take 2x a day which starts today. Next was ultrasound. It is a great feeling seeing the baby on my womb or, uterus specifically. My husband and I were all in smiles, we cannot help but smiled. :-) My ob-gyne then was able to measure the baby-in-my-tummy but during the next or other ultrasound it can't be measured anymore due to his/her moving, it is normal anyway.
And my ultrasound told I am ten (10) weeks and three (3) days pregnant as of today, February 18, 2011. Whew! I did not expect that, I though I am just 4-7 weeks but then, ultrasound tells. :-) Meaning I was pregnant during my first day of menstrual cycle at December (my last month of menstruation) as it was calculated. What a result. :-) My  baby by the way measures 3.11 cm (centimeters) as of today (whilst yesterday he/she was 3.06 cm as seen in the image ultrasound). Am looking forward on my next visit which was scheduled on Friday, February 25th at 1:15 p.m. for one-hour sugar test and blood test. Sugar test to see if am diabetic and blood test if my liver has some problem (retest as per standard by my current doctor/ob-gyne handling) and to test if my baby has a neck problem or something like that. February 25th will be my 15-16 weeks of pregnancy which is necessary to have such blood test. So one blood test for two purposes. And if found out on my one-hour sugar test that I am diabetic, I have to do again a 3-hours sugar test  to be sure, then the result will be final as per standard. I have to do fasting after breakfast for my 1:15 p.m. tests, meaning after breakfast, I wont eat no more, just water.

So that's it, my first ultrasound, the highlight for this day ob-gyne visit. :-)